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TP5100 Lithium Cell Charging Module

The TP5100 is an integrated Lithium battery charger that has a switch mode buck topology. It has all the integrated functions to charge a single or dual cell Lithium battery, along with a few peripheral components.


TP5100 Module Pin Description

Pin Name

Pin Description


Input voltage pin (20V max.)


Input ground reference


Battery positive output


Battery negative


LED output to indicate charging


LED ground reference


LED output to indicate battery charged



  • Dual/single Lithium battery charger
  • Programmable charging current up to 2A
  • Temperature, overcurrent and undervoltage protection
  • Trickle, constant current and constant voltage charging


Alternate Charging Modules

TP4056, TP5000


Related Components

TP5100 IC, resistors, capacitors, inductors


Brief About TP5100 Module

The TP5100 charging module consists of a TP5100 IC, an inductor for the integrated switch mode supply, resistors for voltage and current setting and sensing, and capacitors for decoupling.

TP5100 Module Components


How To Use TP5100 Module

The TP5100 module is an integrated single or dual cell Lithium battery charger. The four power inputs and outputs are IN+, which is the input voltage pin that accepts 5V to 18V, BAT+ which is the battery output and connects to the positive battery terminal, and two GND pins for the input and output. There is also a header for the charging and charged indicator LEDs, with a common center pin.

TP5100 Module Internal Circuit

All TP5100 modules have a jumper called ‘SET’ that sets the output voltage since this module can be used to charge both single and dual cell batteries. Shorting the SET jumper sets the charge voltage to dual cells.



  • LiPo battery charger
  • Solar harvesting systems
  • Embedded electronics
  • Battery-powered appliances

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