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TP5000 Single-Cell LiPo Charger Module

The TMP5000 module is a breakout board that contains the TP5000 single-cell LiPo battery charging IC and the associated peripheral components that set charge parameters.


TP5000 Module Pin Description

Pin Name



Input voltage pin


Battery output pin


Charge LED pin


Standby LED pin


Module GND reference pins



  • Single cell LiPo, LiFePo or LiMn battery charger
  • Switch mode converter for high efficiency
  • 0.1A to 2A programmable charging current
  • Constant voltage, constant current and trickle charge modes


Alternate Charger Modules

TP4056, TP5100


Related Components

TP5000 IC, inductor, capacitor, resistor


Brief About TP5000 Module

The TP5000 module contains a TP5000 IC, an inductor for the built-in switching converter, and various resistors and capacitors that perform various functions like decoupling, voltage, and current setting, and voltage sensing.

TP5000 Module Components and Parts

TP5000 IC:

The TP5000 is an integrated single-cell LiPo/LiFePo/LiMn charger with built-in switching elements that require only an inductor and a few passive components to set the charging current.


How To Use TP5000 Module

The TP5000 module contains all the passive components needed to configure the IC as a LiPo charger. The four pins broken out are IN+, which is the input voltage pin, which must not exceed 10V. B+ connects to the positive terminal of the battery being charged. The two GND pins serve as a common ground reference to the module. Two separate sets of wires can be run between these pins for the input and output.

TP5000 Module Internal Circuit


The TP5000 module also comes with a header to attach indicator LEDs for charging and standby LEDs. Some modules come with an unpopulated footprint for an additional current sensing resistor, which can be connected in parallel to the existing resistor to change the current limit of the IC.



  • LiPo battery charger
  • Solar harvesting systems
  • Embedded electronics
  • Battery-powered appliances

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