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INA219 Based Current Sensor Module

The INA219 based Current sensor module CJMCU-219 is an I2C interface based zero drift and bi-directional current/power monitoring module. It can sense shunt voltage, current, and power at the same time and submit the data via I2C protocol. It has 0.1 Ohms, a 1% shunt resistor to fulfill the requirement of current measurements. It has a powerful 12-bit ADC that converts the current sensed by a precision amplifier. The current sensing range is ±3.2A with a resolution of 0.8mA.


This module can measure DC voltage up to +26V.


INA219 Current Sensor Module Pinout Configuration

Pin Name




Sensed Input line -

Same connection available on the interface section.


Sensed Input line +

Same connection available on the interface section.


Input voltage

For powering up the module












  1. Power Input: 3.0V-5.5V
  2. Up to +26V target voltage
  3. 0.1 ohm 1% 2W current sense resistor
  4. Up to ±3.2A current measurement, with ±0.8mA resolution
  5. Senses Bus Voltages from 0 to 26 V
  6. 2C- or SMBus-compatible interface
  7. Up to 128 samples can be averaged to achieve filtering in noisy environments.
  8. Board Dimension: 0.8 x 0.9 inch (l x w x h)


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the INA219 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Alternative Products

Alternative and compatible products for INA219 based current sensor module boards are listed below -

  1. ACS712 Current Sensor Module - 20A


INA219 Current Sensor Module - Overview

The current sensor is an essential component of the power monitoring system. INA219 is capable of sensing power, voltage, and current with a 128 sample averaging and submitting the data to a host microcontroller using the I2C bus protocol.


The module supports two I2C bus addresses that can be configured using a solderable jumper setting.

INA219 Current Sensor Module Overview

It has a 2W 0.1 Ohms 1% rated shunt resistor that can be replaced by the desired value. The input section also has a footprint of a terminal block that can be soldered additionally.


Interfacing Diagram

Current sensor modules can be interfaced with any kind of microcontroller like PIC, Arduino, etc. that has an I2C bus interface.

INA219 Interfacing Diagram

Note: I2C bus requires pull-up resistors. Kindly add a 4.7k pull-up resistor in both SCL and SDA bus lines. Ignore if it is added to the host development board.



1.   Power Profiler.

2.   Digital multimeter.


2D Model

The dimensions of the INA219 Current sensor Module is shown below-

INA219 Module Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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