SRN8040 Inductor

SRN8040 Inductor
SRN8040 Inductor
SRN8040 Inductor Pinout
SRN8040 Inductor
SRN8040 Inductor Pinout

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Bourns SRN8040 is an inductor series that is specially designed for consumer-grade applications with a very small package. This is a semi shielded power inductor that use magnetic epoxy resin, Enameled copper wire with an Sn/Ag/Cu based terminals.


Features and Specification SRN8040 Series Inductors

  • 0.5uH to 100uH range.
  • The maximum rated current up to 10A
  • 30% tolerance up to 8.2uh, 20% tolerance 10 to 100uH based inductors.
  • Magnetic epoxy resin coating
  • Core type: Ferrite
  • 4mm height


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the SRN8040 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Alternative Product of SRN8040 Inductors

Replacement of this SRN8040 inductors-

  1. Bourns SRR1260 Series
  2. Bourns SRN6028 Series


SRN8040 Inductor - Overview

The SRN8040 semi-shielded construction provides a wide range of inductance value from 0.5uH to 100uH with high rated current up to 10A. It uses ferrite core and enameled copper wire coated with Magnetic Epoxy resin. The inductors also provide low DCR value and high saturation current (inductor value will decrease by a maximum of 30% at saturation current).

It is easy to solder, durable, and robust to be used in power-related applications. The electrical schematic is shown in the below image-


It is a single coil semi-shielded inductor that has two terminals for connection.

SRN8040 Inductor


How to Choose Desired Inductors for Your Application?

Often, the power driver IC provides detailed inductor specs that are available in the IC datasheet for selecting the right inductor. Generally, in CCM (Continuous conduction mode), the higher value inductor is required than the DCM (Discontinuous conduction mode). The SRN8040 series offers inductor values from 0.5uH to 100uH.

The next step is to determine the inductor current. Inductor offers two types of the inductor current, RMS current and saturation current. RMS current is the equivalent DC current that will pass through the inductor. It is important to select larger Irms inductors than actually required.


The saturated current is the limit when the inductor will saturate and the inductor value will drop significantly. However, saturated current Isat will always be larger than the Irms of an inductor.

The SRN8040 provides a current rating of up to 10A. Below table will be useful to check the detailed spec of different inductors in SRN8040 series-

SRN8040 Specifications


Applications of SRN8040 Inductors

  • Televisions or in LCD displays
  • DVD, HDD, Cam recorders
  • Notebook computers or on Laptops
  • DC/DC converters
  • Charging Circuits


2D and Dimensions of SRN8040

Dimensions of SRN8040


Footprint of SRN8040

SRN8040 Footprint

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