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UM3561 Sound Generator IC

UM3561 Pin Configuration

Pin no.





Sound effect selection



Negative power supply



Mono-tone output



Internal testing pin: Leave open for normal operation



Positive power supply



Sound effect selection pin no. 1



External oscillator terminal 1



External oscillator terminal 2


UM3561 Features

  • Four sounds can be selected
  • Power on reset
  • Typical 3V operating voltage
  • A magnetic speaker can be driven by connecting
  • 8-pin DIP package form an NPN transistor
  • Low-cost
  • Low-power CMOS LSI designed for use in alarm and toy applications.


UM3561 Specifications

DC Supply voltage: 3.0 to +5.0V

Input/Output voltage Vss: 3.0V to VDD +3.0V

Operating ambient temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Storage temperature: -55°C to 125°C

Operating voltage Vdd: Minimum 2.4V @ VSS = 0V, TA=25°C, FOSC = 106496 Hz

                                     Typical 3V

                                     Maximum 3.6V

Operating Current Idd: 150µA @ VSS = 0V, TA=25°C, FOSC = 106496 Hz

”H” Input Voltage Vih: Minimum Vdd-0.2 @VSS = 0V, TA=25°C, FOSC = 106496 Hz

                                   Maximum Vdd

“L” Input Voltage Vil:  Minimum Vss  @ VSS = 0V, TA=25°C, FOSC = 106496 Hz

                                   Maximum Vss+0.2

Output Current Io/p:   Minimum 3mA @ VSS = 0V, TA=25°C, FOSC = 106496 Hz

Frequency Stability ∆F/F: Maximum 20%  @ Fosc(3.3V)-Fosc(2.7V)/Fosc(2.7V)   @ VSS = 0V,                                                                                                  TA=25°C, FOSC = 106496 Hz


Brief Description

UM3561 includes oscillator and selector circuits, a compact sound module can be constructed with only a few additional components. The UM3561 contains a programmed mask ROM to simulate siren sound. There is a tone generator within UM3561, which is able to generate different tones using the oscillator clock and according to the data given by the ROM. Each data stored in the ROM corresponds to each tone and it can be selected by using the address of the data location.

Typical operating voltage of UM3561 is 3V and the Operating Current Idd is 150μA. The output current of UM3561 Io/p 3mA.


How to use UM3561

The audio speaker recommended is 8Ω 02.W. The value of R1 and R2 to be used are 240k Ω and 10k Ω respectively. The transistor used is 2SC9013 transistor. The oscillator circuit is in-built, whose frequency can be generated by connecting just one external resistor to the OSC1 and OSC2. For selection of different sounds of SEL1 and SEL2 are used. Address of the tone is provided by the Address Counter section of the IC.


For generating four different types of sound, the following are the connections. Using the pins SEL1 and SEL2, the modes of sound that can be generates as seen in the table.

Four Sound Generation Application of UM3561

For generating three different types of siren sound, the connections are shown below. 

Three Sound Generation Application of UM3561

For two different types of sound generation of Police Siren and Machine Gun, the below are the connections that are to made.

Two Sound Generation Application of UM3561



  • Alarm
  • Toy applications
Component Datasheet

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