MIC29302 3A Adjustable LDO Regulator

MIC29302 3A Adjustable LDO Regulator
MIC29302 3A Adjustable LDO Regulator
MIC29302 Pinout
MIC29302 3A Adjustable LDO Regulator
MIC29302 Pinout

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The MIC29302 is a high current low drop variable voltage regulator with a maximum current of 3A and a voltage drop of 450mV at full load. The regulator comes with a Enable pin to provide Zero-current shutdown mode making it suitable for designs demanding high efficiency like battery powered equipments and linear voltage supplies.   


Pin Description

Pin Number

Pin Name




TTL logic pin to turn on/off the regulator



Input voltage that is to be regulated



Connected to system ground



Regulated output voltage



Sets the output voltage using two resistor divider network



  • 3A Variable Regulator LDO IC
  • Input Supply Voltage: 3V to 16V
  • Output Voltage: 1.24V to 15V (Adjustable)
  • Continuous Output Current: 3A
  • Drop-out Voltage: 450mV at 3A
  • Enable Logic HIGH: 2.4V
  • Enable Logic LOW: 0.8V
  • Available in To-252 and To-263 Package


Note: The Complete Technical Details can be found at the datasheet given at the end of this page.


Equivalent for MIC29302: MIC29300, MIC29500, MIC29750

Alternative LDO Regulators: LP2985, AMS1117, MIC5225


MIC29302 Introduction

The MIC29302 is a LDO (Low Drop Out) variable voltage regulator from Microchip, meaning it is capable of regulating voltage efficiently without dropping much voltage across the regulator and can provide output voltage almost close to the input voltage. The regulator has a maximum output current of 3A during which it drop-out voltage across the regulator is only 450mA. The input voltage of the Regulator can be between 3V to 16V and the output voltage can be configured between 1.24V to 15V by using a couple of resistors.

Because of its low drop out voltage and zero-current enable mode the regulator is commonly used in high current battery operated applications. If you are looking for regulators that operate on further low voltage then consider the MIC37xxx series LDO regulators.


How to use the MIC29302

The output voltage of the MIC29302 regulator IC can be set by simply using two resistors of desired values. The Regulator comes in 5-pin package in which the enable pin can be used turn on or off the regulator, this helps the designers to turn off the regulator and prevent battery usage when not in use. The Adjust pin is used to set the output voltage of the regulator to the required value using the below circuit.

Circuit using MIC29302


As you can see the resistors values R1 and R2 decides the output voltage Vout of our regulator. The capacitor Cin and 10uF is used to filter an ripples form the input or output side of the regulator respectively. If the regulator is powered by battery then Cin is not mandatory. The dropout voltage of the regulator can vary between 150mV to a maximum of 450mV based on the current drawn from the regulator. Refer the datasheet for more information.



  • Used in battery circuits since they have high efficiency
  • Step-down Linear regulators
  • Used in small SMPS circuits
  • Battery Operated Applications
  • Variable Voltage generators
  • Miniature RPS Circuits



MIC29302 Dimension

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