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LM723 Voltage Regulator IC

LM723 Pin Configuration

Pin No.

Pin Name




Not connected


Current Limit

This terminal is used for current limiting


Current Sense

This terminal is used for current limiting and foldback application


Inverting i/p

Helps in providing constant output voltage


Non-inverting i/p

Used to provide reference voltage to the op-amp inside



Gives reference voltage of nearly 7v






Not connected



Used in the application of negative voltage regulator



Output pin of the IC



This terminal is directly supplied from the supply when not connected to series pass transistor



Positive supply input


Frequency Compensation

This terminal helps in reducing noise, by adding a capacitor of 100pf with it



Not connected



  • Excessive output current of 150mA without external pass transistor.
  • Better Input supply voltage of maximum 40v.
  • Provide adjustable output from 3v to 37v.
  • Used in making linear or switching regulator.
  • Able to provide 10A of output current with use of external pass transistor.
  • Used for various operation like positive supply, negative supply, series, shunt, and floating.


Technical Specification

  • Input supply voltage is up to 40v maximum
  • Voltage output ranges from 3v to 37v
  • Reference voltage is nearly 7v always
  • Current from pin Vz is 25mA
  • Current from pin Vref is 15mA
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +150°C
  • Line regulation of 0.01%Vout
  • Load regulation of 0.03%Vout
  • Ripple rejection of 74 dB


Note: Complete technical information can be found in the LM723 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Internal Block Diagram of LM723 IC

 LM723 IC internal block diagram


LM723 Equivalent Voltage Regulator ICs

MC1723CP, LM723N, LM723CN, LM723CMX, LM723QML


Where to use LM723 IC?

LM723 is an adjustable voltage regulator IC used for shunt regulator, current regulator, and temperature controller. It can able to provide a higher range of output voltage and current up to 10A by simply adding a series pass transistor with it, with having a wider range of operating temperature so the IC able to withstand for long. Also able to use as either linear or switching type regulator. But this IC is specially designed for series regulator application.


How to use LM723 IC?

To use this IC for the different range of required output voltage, you can proceed with various circuits available in LM723 datasheet with having your needed output range. For getting an output voltage range from 2v to 7v.

You can also check out What is Voltage Regulator and How Does It Work?

You can use the circuit below, which is a Basic Voltage Regulator circuit using LM723 voltage regulator IC.

 Circuit using LM723 voltage regulator IC

To find the value of resistance R3, you can use the formula below:

R3 = (R1*R2) / (R1+R2)

You can adjust the voltage by using the potentiometer in the circuit to get the required regulated output voltage. For finding the value of output voltage for this circuit you can use the formula below:

Vout = Vref * (R2 / R1 + R2)


2D-Model and Dimensions

 LM723 IC 2D-model

Component Datasheet

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