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EL817C Optocoupler/Phototransistor IC

EL817C IC is a popular optocoupler IC. The IC like any other optocoupler consists of an infrared emitting diode which is optically coupled to a phototransistor detector.


Features and Specifications 

This section mentions some of the features and specifications of the EL817C Optocoupler IC.

  1. Input forward current: 60 mA
  2. Power Dissipation: 200 mW
  3. Collector Current: 50 mA
  4. Collector-Emitter Voltage: 35V
  5. Emitter-Collector Voltage: 6V
  6. Rise Time: 18μs
  7. Fall Time: 18μs


EL817C Pinout Configuration 

The IC has 4 pins, the table below shows the number of pins in order, along with the description of each pin.

Pin Number

Pin Description










Available package types 

DIP, M type, S1 Type, S2 Type


EL817C Optocoupler/Phototransistor IC Pinout

The image represents the pinout of the optocoupler IC.

EL817C IC Pinout

It is an easy model with a basic EL817C pinout consisting of Anode as the first pin, Cathode as the second pin, Emitter as the third pin, and Collector as the fourth pin.


Sample Application circuit 

The circuit shown in the image is a popular circuit, which uses the EL817 optocoupler IC to drive a relay.

EL817C IC Application Circuit

The anode of the optocoupler is connected to the digital pin of a microcontroller unit which triggers the anode hence, providing current which then can drive a relay at an output. This circuit has multiple applications like smart switches, etc.



Here are some of the applications of EL817C Optocoupler/Phototransistor IC.

  1. Measuring Instruments
  2. Home appliances
  3. Telecommunication devices
  4. Programmable controllers


 2D Model 

Below is the 2D model of the EL817 IC along with its dimensions in millimeters. The following information can be used to design custom footprints of the IC, which can be used while PCB designing and CAD modelling.

EL817C Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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