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BPW34 Photodiode

The BPW34 is a high speed photodiode with good photo sensitivity. It responds to visible and near infrared radiation. It has a breakdown voltage of 60V with a rise and fall time of 100ns that is a switching speed of 20nS.


Pin Configuration

Pin. No:

Pin Name




Positive terminal of Photodiode



Negative terminal of Photodiode


Pin Identification - The BPW34 Photo diode comes in a 2-pin DIL plastic package as shown above. The diode has no marking on it; the anode pin can be identified by the gap between the photo receiver panel and the pin. IF the pin has greater gap it is anode else cathode. Also the cathode pin will have a small marking on it, you can refer to the above image for clarification. 


Features and Specifications

  • Reverse Breakdown Voltage: 60V
  • Switching Speed: 20nS
  • Diode Capacitance: 70pF (1MHz, Vr=0V)
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 350mV
  • Rise and Fall time: 100ns (each)


Equivalent Photodiode 



Other Photodiodes

Photodiode LED, 6N139, MCT2E


BPW34 Photodiode Overview

The BPW34 is a high speed Photodiode that is commonly used in control and driver circuits. Because of it's short switching time (20nS) it can be used in isolated data communication circuits and other remote communications like TV sets, dimmers and other equipments.

Like all photo diode, the BPW34 is normally operated in series with a resistor and the current flowing though it depends on the amount of light falling on it. The intensity of light is measured in luminance. The below graph shows how the current flowing through the BPW34 Photodiode varies based on the light falling on it when the Reverse voltage (Vr) across the diode is 5V.

BPW34 Photodiode Graph


  • Switching circuits
  • Isolation circuits
  • Coupling circuits 


2D Model of BPW34

BPW34 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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