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BAV99 Dual in Series Switching Diode

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The BAV99 is a Dual in Series SMD Diode package, meaning there will be two diodes connected in series inside a SMD package. The Diodes can be used for small signal high speed switching applications.


Pin Description

Pin Number

Pin Name



Diode 1 Anode

Anode pins of 1st Diode


Diode 2 Cathode

Cathode pin of 2nd Diode


Diode 1 Cathode

Diode 2 Anode

Cathode pin of 1st Diode and Anode pin of 2nd Diode



  • Dual in Series High Speed Switching Diode
  • Forward Current: 250mA
  • Average Forward Current: 150mA
  • Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: 70V
  • Non Repetitive Peak Voltage: 100V
  • Available in SOT-23 SMD Package
  • Marking on SMD: JE

Note: Complete Technical Details can be found at the BAV99 datasheet given at the end of this page.


Through hole version of BAV99: Two 1N4148 in series

Alternative for BAV99: BAV70, BAW56, MMBD1503


BAV99 Brief Description

BAV99  is a Dual in series Switching diode, it has two diodes connected in series inside a small SMD package. The SOT-23 package has thee pins through which you can access the Anode and Cathode of Diode 1 and Diode 2 respectively and the point at which the diodes are connected in series as show in the BAV99 pinout image above. The diode has a forward current of 250mA and can withstand peak reverse voltage upto 100V making it suitable for protection and switching applications.

This type of dual package allows the designer to pack in two Diodes in a small space saving PCB space and cost. And since they are connected in series it can be directly used in applications where a series diode will be required, like in case of protecting the input GPIO pins of a microcontroller.  



  • General purpose Switching
  • High Speed Switching
  • Reverse Polarity Protection 
  • Clipping or Clamping Circuits
  • Protection circuits



The BAV99 is an SMD Dual Diode and is available in SOT-23 Package, the dimension of the SOT-23 Package is shown below which should help you building the footprint for your PCB. 

BAV99 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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