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SL100 - NPN Low Power Transistor

SL100 Transistor Pin Configuration

Pin Name









Features and Specification

  • Medium power NPN transistor
  • Collector-Emitter voltage: 50V
  • Collector-Base voltage: 60V
  • Emitter-Base voltage: 5.0V
  • 0.5A of Collector Current
  • Collector to Emitter Saturation voltage: 0.6V
  • Base to Emitter Saturation voltage: 1.3V
  • DC Current gain: 100-300 hfe
  • Output Capacitance: 20pf
  • Operating and Storage Temperature: -65℃ to 200℃


SL100 Equivalent Transistors

MZT3055, P2N2369, P2N2369A, P2N2907A, PN100, PN200, 2CF2325, BC548B, 2N23867, 2N3055HV, 2N6371H, A1941, BD237S, BD675BPL, BF422BPL, BU908F, BC301, 2N3904.


Where to Use SL100 Transistor?

SL100 is a general purpose low power transistor. It can be used for the various application like switching circuits, amplifying circuits, and manufacturing of the logic gates, etc. Generally available in TO-39 package in the market.


How to Use SL100 Transistor?

Here, the circuit below is the example circuit for the SL100 transistor. You can add any DC load in replacement of the LED according to the supply voltage. In this circuit, we are turning on an LED by giving the supply voltage of 9v. As we apply the base voltage by closing the switch, transistor starts conducting through Collector to Emitter and LED turns ON. R1 is used to reduce the base overvoltage and R2 is for the protection of LED.

 Circuit Using SL100-NPN Transistor



  • Switching
  • Manufacture of logic gates
  • Amplification and sound reproduction
  • Radio transmission and signal processing



 SL100 NPN Transistor 2D-model

Component Datasheet

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