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Half-Bridge High Voltage Driver

Latest Launched Electronics Components
Latest Electronics Components

New Components Introduced Last Week – September 06

The beginning of September was an interesting week with lots of exciting components being launched for various automotive electronics, industrial applications, and medical equipment.
45W and 150W MasterGaN Devices
45W and 150W MasterGaN Devices

New 45W and 150W MasterGaN Devices for High-Efficiency Power Conversion

STMicroelectronics has introduced new 45W and 150W MasterGaN integrated half-bridge drivers for high-efficiency power conversion.
MasterGaN Transistor from STMicroelectronics
MasterGaN Transistor from STMicroelectronics

Half-Bridge High Voltage Drivers for Lightweight, High Efficiency, Ultra-Fast Chargers, and Wireless Applications

STMicroelectronics has introduced the MasterGan, a half-bridge driver based on silicon technology along with a pair of gallium nitride (GaN) transistors.