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SPDT Toggle Switch

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Pin Configuration

S. No.

Pin Name




Output 1






Output 2


Features and Specifications

  • 0.4volt-amps (max.) contact rating at 20v AC or DC (max.)
  • Mechanical Life: 30,000 make-and-break cycles.
  • 20mΩ (max.) contact resistance
  • 100MΩ (min.) of Insulation Resistance
  • 100mAfor both silver and gold plated contacts.
  • Dielectric strength of 1000VRMS at sea levle
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 85°C.


Brief about Toggle Switch?

There are four types of switches, classified below:

  • Single Pole Single through (SPST)
  • Single pole double throw (SPDT)
  • Double pole, single throw (DPST)
  • Double pole double throw (DPDT)

SPDT Toggle Switch is a three terminal switch, only one is used as input other two are as output. Therefore, we get two outputs, one from COM and A and second is from COM and B, but only one at a time. Mainly it is used in three-way circuit to turn ON/OFF an electrical appliance from two location.

SPDT Toggle Switch


How to Use Toggle Switch?

In the circuit below, the first and second output of are connected to the lamp and motor respectively. Initially, the lamp will glow and motor remain in OFF condition as shown in the circuit. When we toggle the switch the motor turns ON and lamp turns into OFF condition. So, we can control two loads from a single switch.

Circuit using SPDT Toggle Switch

This switch mainly used in making three way switching circuit for the staircase in the homes. Also, for normally controlling loads.


SPDT Toggle Switch 2D-model

Component Datasheet

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