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KY-035 Hall Magnetic Sensor Module

Description of KY-035

KY-035 is a hall magnetic sensor module that houses an AH49E linear hall effect device that is operated with a help of a magnetic source. The module varies the output voltage, which is generally set by the input supply voltage and varies in proportion to the strength of the magnetic field around the sensor.


Pin Configuration of KY-035

Below is the pin configuration of the KY-035 magnetic sensor. This pin configuration can be used when connecting the module to any microcontroller.

Pin Number

Pin Type








Features of KY-035

Here are some basic features and specifications of the magnetic sensor.

  1. Supply Voltage(Vcc) - 5 V
  2. Output Current (IO) - 10 mA
  3. Operating Temperature - 40 to 100 Degree Celcius
  4. Can detect both the magnetic poles


Alternatives for KY-035

Some Alternative magnetic sensor modules to KY-035-

GY - 273, MC 38, AS 5600


Equivalent to KY-035

Some equivalent sensor modules to KY-035-

KY - 003, KY 024, SS49E, A3144


Note: More technical information can be found in the KY-035 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Working of the KY-035

The hall effect sensor used in the KY-035 module used in the AH49E. AH49E can detect the magnetic pole and the strength of a magnetic field. In KY-035, the module generates an analog output whenever the module comes near to a magnetic field and produces an output that can be read at a microcontroller.
If there is no magnetic field around, the analog output generated in exactly half of the VCC.

TO-92S and SOT23-3

The AH49E comes in two packages: TO-92S and SOT23-3


Connections of KY-035 with Microcontroller

The connections from the KY-035 magnetic sensor to the Arduino microcontroller are pretty simple. The module has 3 output points; Power, Ground, and Signal.

KY-035 with Arduino

The power (5V) which is the pin in the middle, is connected to the 5V terminal of the Arduino, whereas the ground is connected to the ground terminal. The output generated is analog in nature, so it can be read through an analog pin (A0) in the Arduino.


Applications of KY-035

Here are some of the application where KY-035 magnetic sensor come into use:

  1. Motor control
  2. Metal detector
  3. Position sensing
  4. Magnetic Code Reading
  5. Current sensing
Component Datasheet

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