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WLC1115 Transmitter Controller IC: Highly Integrated, Qi-Compliant, and Fully Configurable 15W Transmitter Controller IC for Wireless Charging Solutions

WLC1115 Transmitter Controller ICs
WLC1115 Transmitter Controller ICs

Infineon Technologies AG has launched the WLC1115 transmitter controller IC which is the first product of the new WLC family of controllers for inductive wireless charging and comes along with a Qi v1.3.2 certified MP A11 power transmitter reference solution, targeting various applications, including smartphones, smart speakers, docking stations, monitor stands, as well as industrial or healthcare accessories. This is a highly integrated, Qi-compliant, and fully configurable 15 W transmitter controller IC for wireless charging solutions and includes a USB-PD/PPS sink, DC/DC controller, gate drivers for DC/DC, a full-bridge inverter, sensing peripherals, and configurable flash memory. 


WLC1115 transmitter supports a wide input voltage range from 4.5 V to 24 V, multipath voltage- and current-based ASK demodulation. Additionally, the controller features an integrated, programmable, high-side current-sense amplifier and adaptive Foreign Object Detection (FOD) via Q-factor, resonant frequency, and power loss. It also includes comprehensive protection features for UVLO, OVP, OCP, and OTP that are programmable.



  • Qi v1.3.2 EPP transmitter

  • Integrated USB-PD/PPS controller

  • Integrated buck for voltage control

  • Integrated gate drivers

  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) using:

  • Q-factor, resonant frequency, and power loss methods 

  • Multipath ASK demodulation

  • Input voltage range: 4.5 V - 24 V

  • Communication ports: I2C, UART

  • Temperature range: -40°C - 105°C



  • Smartphone

  • Smart speakers

  • Docking station

  • Monitor stand

  • Power bank

  • Furniture integrated

  • Industrial

  • Healthcare

  • Aftermarket auto accessories

Component Datasheet

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