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Ultra-Low ESR, Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Chip Capacitors for Aerospace Applications

Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Chip Capacitors
Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Chip Capacitors

The AVX Corporation’s TCS series COTS-Plus, Solid Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Chip Capacitors have been qualified for use in European Space Agency (ESA) programs and it is listed on the  European Space Components Coordination (ESCC) Qualified Parts List (QPL). The new Ruggedized multianode construction with three parallel anodes comes in an E-case that measures 7.30mm x 4.30mm x 4.10mm (L x W x H ±0.20), this satisfies the stringent space and weight requirements for aerospace equipment.


To make sure that the device could have a long life operation in extreme environments with improved base reliability of 0.5% per 1000 hours, each lot is subjected to statistical screening, accelerated aging, and comprehensive testing procedures. The new series of capacitors can be used in Avionics, military, space, telecommunication, and industrial applications.


Features of TCS Series Solid Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Capacitors

  • Robust design for long operation lifetime
  • Statistical screening with Accelerated Ageing
  • Improved basic reliability of 0.5%/1000hrs
  • -55 to +105°C operation temperature
  • Low ESR(Equivalent Series Resistance) ranging from 12–50mΩ
  • CV range 22 – 470µF / 6.3 – 35V
  • ±20% capacitance tolerance 


Note: more technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the TCS Series product page.

Component Datasheet

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