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Ultra-low Capacitance ESD Protection Diodes Address High-Speed Video-Links and OPEN Alliance MGbit Ethernet Applications

Ultra-low Capacitance ESD Protection Diodes
Ultra-low Capacitance ESD Protection Diodes

Nexperia has announced an extension to its portfolio of extremely low clamping and ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes that is designed to protect high-speed data lines such as USB 3.2, HDMI 2.0, LVDS, automotive A/V Monitors, displays, and cameras. These latest product additions include PESD5V0C1BLS-Q and PESD5V0C1ULS-Q both as 2-pin single-line devices with a very compact DFN1006BD-2 package for optimized routing flexibility and this new portfolio aims to address the upcoming high-speed video-links as well as the OPEN Alliance MGbit ethernet applications.


These AEC-Q101 automotive qualified devices exhibit deep snapback behavior combined with a low resistance of 0.27 Ω, for improved system level robustness and clamping performance in high-speed data interfaces. These diodes provide best-in-class signal integrity performance because of their ultra-low device capacitance (as low as 0.3 pF). For maximum design flexibility, these diodes are offered in both dual-line DFN1006-3 and single-line DFN1006BD-2. The latter packages have side wettable flanks to enable automated optical inspection (AOI).



  • ESD protection up to 30 kV

  • Increased system ESD robustness

  • Excellent ESD clamping behavior

  • Optimized protection with low clamping voltages and fast response times

  • High peak pulse power (8/20 μs) performance

  • Reduced overall power consumption due to ultra low leakage current

  • Ultra low leakage current

  • Low device capacitance to avoid unwanted circuit disturbances

  • Low device capacitance



  • Automotive bus protection

  • Data and audio interfaces e.g. car multimedia line protection

  • Overvoltage protection e.g. airbag controllers, ABS, ESC

  • Car drivers interface protection e.g. dashboard panels

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