Ultra-Compact SPDL Series of SMD Common Mode Chokes for Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive Applications

SPDL Series of SMD Common Mode Chokes
SPDL Series of SMD Common Mode Chokes
SPDL Series of SMD Common Mode Chokes

Signal Transformer has introduced the SPDL Series line of miniaturized Surface Mount (SMD) common mode chokes for EMI suppression of differential mode noise as required in electronic devices filtering signals over network interfaces. With an impedance range of 90 to 2200 ohms, the SPDL series has a rated current capacity from 150mA to 400mA and an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C.


The latest winding technology and ferrite cores of the device achieve excellent noise suppression, offering high common-mode impedance in the noise band and low differential mode impedance in the signal band. The SPDL Series comes in four different surface mount package sizes and supports EMI suppression for Ethernet, CAN, Flexray, USB, and proprietary data signals.


With four different footprints including 2012, 3216, 3225, and 4532 type, the SPDL series is suitable for automotive (AECQ-200), infotainment, multimedia, and a host of personal computer products.


Features of SPDL Series SMD Chokes

  • Ultra-thin and compact SMD packages
  • Excellent Differential Mode EMC noise suppression
  • Automotive-grade with AECQ-200 compliance
  • Virtually no distortion of high-speed signals
  • Excellent thermal characteristics


Note: More technical information can be found in the SPDL Series Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and in the product pages of SPDL 2012SPDL 3216SPDL 3225, and SPDL 4532.

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