Ultra-Compact Highly Responsive PRF03BB541NB7RL PTC Thermistor for Overheat Sensing in Wearable Applications

PRF03BB541NB7RL PTC Thermistor
PRF03BB541NB7RL PTC Thermistor
PRF03BB541NB7RL PTC Thermistor

As an expansion to the positive temperature coefficient (PTC) surface-mount chip thermistors portfolio, Murata has introduced the PRF03BB541NB7RL for overheat sensing. Supplied in a 0201 format (with 0.6mm × 0.3mm × 0.3mm dimensions), the new device is optimized for usage in various forms of consumer electronic products and equipment such as wearable technology, smartphone handsets, and tablets.


With a maximum voltage rating of 32VDC, the device delivers an elevated level of accuracy (±5°C at lower sensing temperatures, and up to ±7°C at higher sensing temperatures), industry-leading robustness, and rapid responsiveness. The thermistor can support an extensive working temperature range of -20°C to +150°C; the resistance values of the device increase sharply once above the Curie temperature. This means that overheat situations can be addressed quickly, thereby reducing the risk of damage to circuitry. The Murat’s proprietary ceramic technology-based thermistors have strong operational stability and do not generate any noise which would otherwise affect neighboring components.


Features of PRF03BB541NB7RL Thermistor

  • SMD type helps miniaturize circuits because of their small size and lightweight
  • Excellent thermal response due to small size
  •  Solid-state construction provides excellent resistance to mechanical vibration and impact resistance.
  • The contactless operation provides noiseless operation


Note: More technical information can be found on the PRF03BB541NB7RL Thermistor product page.

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