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u-blox NEO-F10N Dual-Band GNSS Positioning Module for Enhanced Accuracy in Urban Environments

NEO-F10N GNSS Positioning Module
NEO-F10N GNSS Positioning Module

Swiss technology provider u-blox has introduced the NEO-F10N positioning module, designed to deliver for precise meter-level accuracy in urban environments. This module, based on u-blox's NEO form factor, incorporates the advanced u-blox F10 dual-band GNSS technology, supporting L1/L5 GNSS bands from various constellations, including NavIC. It improves accuracy, reduces power consumption, and offers resilience against interference. It also offers solid meter-level position accuracy and is configurable for diverse applications such as vehicle aftermarket telematics, micromobility markets, and industrial use cases.

u-blox NEO-M8 and NEO-M9 receivers can smoothly transition to the NEO-F10N module. This upgrade enhances accuracy, lowers power consumption, and provides an alternative to deploying dead reckoning (DR) setups. The NEO-F10N features a robust RF front end with double SAW filters and low-noise amplifiers (LNA), ensuring outstanding immunity to out-of-band RF interference. This makes it an excellent choice for applications near cellular modems. u-blox also introduces the ANN-MB5 L1/L5 antenna, designed to complement the NEO-F10N, providing multi-band and multi-constellation support, even in challenging environments. This positioning module promises a significant leap in precision and performance, making it a valuable addition to various industries and applications.



  • Utilizes L1/L5 GNSS bands for improved accuracy in urban settings.
  • Upgradable firmware and high configurability for versatile use cases.
  • Enhanced resilience against multipath interference.
  • Migration compatibility for users of NEO-M8 and NEO-M9 modules.
  • Reduced power consumption and an alternative to dead reckoning (DR) setups.
  • Exceptional immunity to out-of-band RF interference, suitable for applications with nearby cellular modems.



  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Smart Cities (Traffic Management)
  • Navigation and Mapping
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Surveying and Geomatics
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