Two-Wire Hall Effect Switches with Self Diagnostics offer High Sensitivity and Stability Performance in Automotive Applications

Automotive Compliant Two-Wire Hall Effect Switches from Diodes Incorporated
Automotive Compliant Two-Wire Hall Effect Switches from Diodes Incorporated
Automotive Compliant Two-Wire Hall Effect Switches from Diodes Incorporated

The new family of automotive compliant two-wire unipolar (AH323xQ/4xQ) and latch (AH327xQ/8xQ) switch integrated circuits (ICs) from Diodes Incorporated provides high sensitivity and high stability over the wide operating temperature range. Both the AH324xQ and AH328xQ switch ICs come with integrated self-diagnostics for monitoring the main device blocks, supply voltage, and temperature, the abnormal condition will be indicated by the third output state.


The advanced chopper-stabilized design provides superior stability of the magnetic operating and release points (BOP/BRP). When the stability is coupled with a high ESD rating of 8kV, built-in reverse blocking diodes, and supply pin Zener clamp, it allows the AH32xxQ series to meet the demanding requirements of automotive proximity/position sensing applications. The two-wire hall switches used in the device reduces the number of wires required in the harness. This reduces the system complexity and cost at the same time improves robustness to electrical noise.


With a 2.7V to 27V operating voltage and -40˚C to +150˚C temperature range, the new ICs can be used in automotive proximity- and position-sensing applications, including seatbelt buckle, power window, gear selector, and seat position. The AH32xxQ devices come in the SC59 package and they are qualified to AEC-Q100, manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities, and support PPAP documentation. The AH324xQ and AH328xQ have a unit price starting at $0.40 in 3000 piece quantities, while the AH323xQ and AH327xQ start at $0.36 in 3000 piece quantities.


Features of AH323xQ/4xQ and AH327xQ/8xQ Switch ICs

  • Unipolar: AH3231Q, AH3232Q, AH3233Q
  • Latch: AH3270Q, AH3271Q, AH3272Q
  • Output Polarity: Direct: AH3232Q, AH3233Q; Inverted: AH3231Q
  • Wide Supply Voltage Operation: 2.7V to 27V
  • Temperature Coefficient: 1100ppm/°C (AH3232Q, AH3233Q)
  • High ESD Rating: HBM = 8kV, CDM = 1kV
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +150°C


Note: More technical information can be found in the AH3231Q datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the AH323xQ/4xQ Switch IC and AH327xQ/8xQ Switch IC product pages.

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