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Transmissive Photomicrosensor with High-Speed Sensing Technology for Compact Sensing Solutions

Transmissive Photomicrosensor
Transmissive Photomicrosensor

Omron has introduced a new Transmissive Photomicrosensor, the EE-SX1330-2 offers a compact slot design with a slot width of 3 mm, suitable for applications with limited space. The sensor offers a high-speed response with a 50% reduction in rise time compared to conventional products, resulting in improved performance and reduced power consumption. Functionally, it operates as a transmissive photo microsensor with an emitter and a transmissive component facing each other. When an object is detected in the sensor's path, it obstructs the emitted optical beam, decreasing the amount of optical energy reaching the detector.



  • Ultra-compact 3mm slot design
  • 50% faster rise time
  • Transmissive with emitter and detector
  • Low power consumption



  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics and machinery
  • Conveyor belt monitoring
  • Security systems
  • Printers and copiers
  • Gaming and vending machines
Component Datasheet

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