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TPI 50A-J Series: Compact 50 Watt Open Frame AC/DC Power Supplies with a 3000 VAC Reinforced Isolation System for Industrial Applications

Compact 50 Watt Open Frame AC/DC Power Supplies
Compact 50 Watt Open Frame AC/DC Power Supplies

Traco Power has released the new TPI 50A-J series which is a 50 Watt AC/DC open frame power supplies series with a 3000 VAC reinforced isolation system designed to meet the ErP directive (< 0.3 W no-load power consumption) and EMC characteristics dedicated for applications in industrial/automation and test & measurement fields. Moreover, high reliability is provided by the use of industrial high-quality grade components and excellent thermal management which makes this series an ideal solution for any demanding industrial devices or space-critical applications.


Extending the existing TPI range this new series offers a peak power function that enables it to deliver up to 140% of the rated power for up to 5 seconds. Excellent efficiency of up to 93% allows a compact design and an operating temperature range (natural convection) of –40°C to +60°C without derating, while going up to +85°C with either load derating or forced cooling.



  • 50 Watt open frame power supplies in a 3" x 1.5" package

  • Compact and cost efficient design

  • Peak power function up to 140%

  • I/O reinforced isolation 3000 VAC

  • Operating temperature range –40°C to +85°C

  • No load input power <0.3W (acc. ErP directive)

  • High efficiency up to 93%

  • Internal EN 55032 class B filter

  • Protection class II prepared



  • Industrial applications

  • Automation

  • Test & measurement fields

  • Space critical applications

Component Datasheet

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