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Toshiba's Advanced Microcontrollers for IoT Motor Applications

M4K Group of TXZ+™ Microcontroller
M4K Group of TXZ+™ Microcontroller

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has unveiled eight new products within its M4K Group of TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class 32-bit microcontrollers, integrating Cortex®-M4 core with FPU, and available in four package options. These releases cater to the escalating demand for larger program capacities and firmware support, particularly in IoT-related motor applications. Offering extended flash memory capacities ranging from 512KB to 1MB, surpassing Toshiba's previous 256KB maximum, alongside a RAM capacity upgrade from 24KB to 64KB, these microcontrollers maintain core features such as the Arm® Cortex®-M4 running at speeds of up to 160MHz, integrated code flash, and 32KB data flash memory with a robust endurance of 100K program/erase cycles. With an array of interfaces and motor control options including A-PMD, A-ENC32, A-VE+, and three units of high-speed 12-bit analog/digital converters, these microcontrollers not only facilitate diverse IoT applications but also enhance functionalities in AC motors, brushless DC motors, and inverter controls.

The new products feature a notable implementation: dividing the 1MB code flash into two separate 512KB areas, allowing firmware rotation using the memory swap method for concurrent code updating. Devices in the M4K Group integrate UART, TSPI, and I2C as general communications interfaces, with self-diagnosis functions aiding in achieving IEC 60730 Class B functional safety certification for flash memory, RAM, ADC, and Clock. Additionally, comprehensive documentation, sample software, and driver software for controlling interfaces are available, along with evaluation boards and development environments provided through collaboration with Arm®'s global ecosystem partners.


  • High-performance Cortex®-M4 core up to 160MHz
  • Expanded memory capacity: 512KB/1MB flash, 64KB RAM
  • Memory swap method for firmware updates
  • Self-diagnosis for functional safety
  • Four package options


  • Motor control
  • Inverter control
  • IoT integration
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