TLE956x - Brushed and Brushless DC Motor System ICs for Small Electric Motor Control in Cars

Infineon's TLE956x Motor System IC
Infineon's TLE956x Motor System IC
Infineon's TLE956x Motor System IC

Infineon Technologies has introduced a new product family called the Motor System ICs in a PG-VQFN-48 package and is available in seven variants. The new ICs are the world’s first multiple half-bridge drivers for MOSFETs with integrated power supply and communication interfaces. With four half-bridge drivers for the external N-channel MOSFETs and an integrated linear voltage regulator supplying 5V and 250mA output current, the new ICs are best for control of both brushed and brushless DC motors.


The new Motor System ICs reduce the board space in half when compared with other existing solutions and the integrated MOSFET driver improves the electromagnetic compatibility and reduces switching losses. The integration of the ICs complements the existing Infineon motor control IC portfolio and ranks between discrete solutions and highly integrated embedded power products that include an ARM processor. A CAN-FD transceiver with 5 Mbit/s according to ISO 11898-2:2016 which includes partial networking option and/or a LIN transceiver according to 2.2A / ISO 17987-4 and SAE J2602 are available for communication.


Key Features of the Motor System ICs

  • 5V Linear Regulator up to 250mA
  • Integrated half-bridge driver, power supply and communication interface
  • Independent switching time
  • Reduced power dissipation and number of external components
  • CAN FD up to 5Mbps
  • CAN PN and FD Tolerant (“-3” variants)
  • LIN2.2B / J2602 (in TLE9560/2/4)
  • Up to 4 High Side Switches (with 7 on-resistance)
  • Up to 5 Wake Inputs
  • Up to 6 PWM inputs


Note: More technical information about the Motor System IC can be found in the product brief linked below.

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