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Three-phase Intelligent Power Module Series with Latest Switching and Gate Driver Technology suitable for Major Home Appliances


Infineon Technologies AG has extended the CIPOS Tiny Intelligent Power Module (IPM) family with the new CIPOS Tiny IM323-L6G 600 V 15 A which is based on TRENCHSTOP IGBT RC-D2 switches and state-of-the-art SOI gate driver technology to realize maximum efficiency and improved reliability, along with minimized system size and cost. This new module is suitable for major home appliances, in particular drives for room air conditioners. Moreover, this module also features the latest switching and gate driver technology to achieve the best performance.


The CIPOS Tiny IM323-L6G is optimized for 3-phase inverters up to 1.2 kW and an operating range of 1 to 20 kHz. The device uses the latest 600 V TRENCHSTOP RC-D2 technology with monolithically integrated diode with a maximum junction temperature of 175 ºC for the switch. Equipped with the rugged new C5SOI gate driver technology for negative voltage spikes at the motor outputs, the IPM ensures a short-circuit capability of at least 3 µs and delivers a high level of protection and fail-safe operation.


The IM323-L6G is molded in a robust and pin-compatible 33 x 19 mm 2 DIP package with built-in NTC which allows high flexibility of the mechanical system design. It thus offers improved package robustness, which results in high reliability. Furthermore, full in-house production for front-end and back-end provides supply security.




  • C5SOI 3-phase single gate driver

  • Operating range of 1 to 20kHz

  • Maximum junction temperature 175°C for the RCD2

  • Short circuit capability minimum 3µs

  • Full pack DIP 32.8x18.8 mm

  • Pin compatible solution

  • For target applications in MHA especially for RAC compressor up to 1.5hp



  • Home appliances

  • Industrial motor drives and controls

  • Residential aircon - motor-, system control and monitoring



The IM323-L6G and iMOTION Modular Application Design Kit MADK can be ordered now. By the end of 2022, the CIPOS Tiny IM323 product range is planned to be expanded to include variants with 6 A and 10 A.


Component Datasheet

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