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THL 30WI – Cost Effective and High Performance 30Watt Isolated DC/DC converter for Communication and Industrial Electronics

THL 30WI DC/DC converter
THL 30WI DC/DC converter

The THL 30WI series extends Traco Power’s existing 30 Watt DC/DC converter portfolio with a new generation of 1” x 1” package converters. With the focus on combining cost efficiency and quality this isolated high performance 30 Watt DC/DC converter series is suitable for many different applications.

The series comes in an encapsulated, shielded 1” x 1” x 0.4” metal package and offers integrated remote on/off and trim functions. High efficiency up to 88% enables the converter to operate from –40°C to +60°C without derating. All models have a wide 4:1 input voltage range and precisely regulated, isolated outputs. The series meets the latest IT safety certifications (UL 62368-1) and is suitable for uses in mobile equipment, instrumentation, distributed power architectures in communication and industrial electronics and everywhere where cost efficiency and quality are critical factors


Traco Power THL 30WI DC/DC Converter Features:

• 30 Watt converter in a 1” x 1” metal package • Cost efficient design • Wide 4:1 input voltage range: 9-36 and 18-75 VDC • Operating temperature range -40 to +60 °C without derating • 1500 VDC I/O-isolation • Protection against overload, overvoltage and short circuit • Remote On/Off and Trim function • Optional heatsink for increased temperature capabilities • 3-year product warranty   

You can check out the THL 30WI Product page on Traco Power official website to check out the complete series and individual specification of each converter. All converters under these series are currently active and is ready for purchase.

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