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Thin-Film Piezo Inkjet Printheads with Aqueous, UV, and Solvent-Based Ink for Next-Generation Industrial Printers

MEMs Thin-film Piezo Inkjet Printheads
MEMs Thin-film Piezo Inkjet Printheads

Epson has announced the making of proven MEMs thin-film piezo inkjet printheads for the printer OEMs in next-generation industrial printers. The use of Si MEMs-based PrecisionCore technology created a new benchmark for digital printing speed, qualities, and reliability. For providing advanced performance and scalability, Epson has provided the options of aqueous EV and solvent-based ink in flexible design configurations.


The new OEMs include S-Series, I-Series, L-Series, and F-Series deliver industry-leading productivity, reliability, and high image quality. The S-Series is 4.73-inch-wide MEMs and equipped with ink recirculation for offering high productivity, high image quality, and head expandability. The cost-effective 1.33-inch-wide MEMs I-Series printheads deliver high productivity and high image quality with 600dpi high-density resolution.


The L-Series and F-Series Printheads were designed based on MACH (Multi-Layer ACtuator Head) technology and leverages high precision and high density and have the ability of up to 8 colors.


Features of S-Series Printheads

  • Compact, high speed, high quality, and high image quality
  • Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) delivers smooth gradation
  • High productivity, multi-colors with space-saving and high flexible assembly
  • The thinness of 8.3 mm width and between nozzle row is around 1 mm
  • Printable to the curved surface and complicated surface
  • High durability and extended service


Note: More technical information can be found in the S-Series Printheads Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of Inkjet Printheads.


Component Datasheet

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