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The SSO10T TSC Package: A Cutting-Edge Cooling Solution for Automotive Innovation

 SSO10T TSC Package
SSO10T TSC Package

Infineon Technologies has introduced the SSO10T TSC package featuring OptiMOS™ MOSFET technology. This innovative package boasts a direct topside cooling concept, delivering exceptional thermal performance by preventing heat transfer into or through the PCB of automotive electronic control units. The SSO10T TSC package facilitates a straightforward and compact double-sided PCB design, thereby minimizing cooling requirements and system costs for upcoming automotive power designs. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including electric power steering (EPS), electronic motor brakes (EMB), power distribution, brushless DC drives (BLDC), safety switches, reverse battery, and DC-DC converters. Compared to the standard SSO8 package, the SSO10T TSC offers significant performance enhancements of over 20% to 50%, depending on the thermal interface material (TIM) used and its thickness.

With its 5mm x 7mm footprint, based on the industry standard SSO8 package (5mm x 6mm), the SSO10T TSC offers versatility for a wide range of automotive applications. Its JEDEC listing and broad second-source compatibility ensure ease of integration and availability for manufacturers. By enabling a compact PCB design and reducing system footprint, the SSO10T TSC package contributes to lower overall system costs and design complexity. Its elimination of vias in the cooling design further reduces costs and effort. Additionally, the housing's high-power density and efficiency support the development of sustainable and future-proof vehicles.


  • Top-side cooling for superior thermal performance.
  • Enables compact double-sided PCB design.
  • Versatile 5mm x 7mm footprint.
  • Offers 20% to 50% performance enhancement.
  • JEDEC listed with wide compatibility.


  • Electric power steering (EPS).
  • Electronic motor brakes (EMB).
  • Power distribution systems.
  • Brushless DC drives (BLDC).
  • Safety switches.
  • Reverse battery protection.
  • DC-DC converters.


The first 40V automotive MOSFETs with SSO10T are available: IAUCN04S6N007T, IAUCN04S6N009T, IAUCN04S6N013T, IAUCN04S6N017T.

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