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The MDMA-MDMB Connector Series with Revolutionizing Connectivity for Harsh Environments and High-Performance Applications

MDMA-MDMB Connector Series
MDMA-MDMB Connector Series

Littelfuse has introduced its latest C&K product, the MDMA Micro-D Connector with detachable crimp contacts. The MDMA-MDMB Connector Series is specifically designed for demanding applications in harsh environments, including space equipment, satellite harnesses, launchers and payloads, avionics/military systems, Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) manufacturers, and other high-performance applications.

The design innovation allows end users to effortlessly create customized cable harnesses, a feature that is currently unparalleled in the Micro-D connector market. It eliminates the need for soldering or shrinks tubing.

The MDMA-MDMB connectors employ the high-performance Micropin™ contact system, featuring a "twist pin" spring male contact and tubular socket contact. These removable crimp-type contacts enable easy installation and modification by end users. Dedicated tools are available for contact retention testing and contact removal from the connectors for cable extraction.



  • Removable crimp contacts technology
  • Flight and Engineering models available
  • Sizes 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37 and 51
  • Supplied without contacts (to be ordered separately)
  • Wire size AWG 24 / 25 / 26 / 28 for all sizes
  • Possible 2 wires size AWG28 for size 9 to 37
  • Harnesses length flexibility
  • Non-outgassing



  • Space equipment
  • Satellites harnesses and payloads
  • Launchers
  • Engineering
  • Military and Avionics



The MDMA and MDMB Micro-D connectors are now available in 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, and 51-pin versions, with nickel or gold plating options.

Component Datasheet

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