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TB67S112PG – High Voltage Dual Channel Solenoid Driver

TB67S112PG – High Voltage Dual Channel Solenoid Driver
TB67S112PG – High Voltage Dual Channel Solenoid Driver

Toshiba Electronics Devices & Storage corporation have launched a dual channel solenoid driver IC (TB67S112PG)  that achieves high-voltage (50V) and Low ON resistance (0.3Ω) Drive. TB67S112PG has two channels, each of them consist of a low-side MOSFET and a regenerative Common diode that can independently drive a solenoid or a relay that are installed in various electronics devices. The Low ON resistance helps in reducing the heat generated during the motor operation. The IC also has built-in error detection with automatic reset functions for thermal shutdown detection and overcurrent protection. This enables the IC to be used in a wide range of applications like slot machines, air-conditioners, refrigerators, ATMs and other office or factory automation equipments.


Toshiba has introduced this two channel solenoid driver as an additional option with the four channel (TB67S111PG) and the eight channel (TB67S158NG/FTG) solenoid device driver ICs. The features of the IC is given below


Features of TB67S112PG:

  • Input power supply voltage: 4.5V to 47V
  • Output Voltage: 50V max
  • Output Current: 1.5A per channel (max)
  • Output ON resistance: 0.3Ω(typ.)
  • Safety features: Thermal Shutdown, Overcurrent detection, under voltage lockout


More technical details can be found at the datasheet linked below. This TB67S112PG Solenoid driver IC is currently in production, for purchase and samples vist the product page from Toshiba.

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