SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 Storage Controllers to Deliver High Performance through PCIe Gen 4x16 CPU Interfaces

PCle Gen 4 Tri-Mode Storage Controller
PCle Gen 4 Tri-Mode Storage Controller
PCle Gen 4 Tri-Mode Storage Controller

Microchip has introduced the Smart Storage PCle Gen 4 Tri-Mode SmartROC (RAID-on-Chip) 3200 and SmartIOC (I/O Controller) 2200 storage controllers that can deliver high performance through PCIe Gen 4x16 CPU interfaces and support for the latest NVMe SSDs and 24G SAS infrastructure. The new smart storage tools support both x8 and x16 PCIe Gen 4 host interfaces and up to 32 lanes of SAS/SATA/NVMe connectivity.


The devices can support up to 8GB of onboard cache. This triples the RAID performance compared to competitive alternatives. The Dynamic Channel Multiplexing (DCM) of the device offers link efficiency greater than 99%, at the same time it also ensures full interoperability with existing legacy SAS/SATA infrastructure.


The Smart Storage products support SFF’s Universal Backplane Management (UBM), Intel Virtual Pin Port (VPP) for intelligent backplane management, and DMTF’s standards-based Platform Level Data Model (PLDM)/Redfish Device Enablement (RDE) specification this simplifies the implementation of out-of-band management over Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP)/Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).


The new Smart Storage platform is supported by the common set of deployment tools such as the maxView storage manager, ARCCONF management tools, DMTF’s standards-based PLDM/RDE, and ChipLink diagnostic tools. The SmartROC 3200/SmartIOC 2200 storage controllers are available in volume production quantities, featuring up to 32 ports of SAS/SATA/NVMe connectivity.


Features of SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 Storage Controllers

  • Integrated Switchtec PCIe Gen 2 (5 GT/s), Gen 3 (8 GT/s) and Gen 4 (16 GT/s) Switch Support
  •  Low latency to NVMe targets in native or RAID modes
  • Flexible port bifurcation, transparent and non-transparent (NT) bridging, and NT address translation
  • PCIe error containment (including downstream port containment, upstream error containment, completion timeout synthesis, and poisoned TLP blocking)
  • Up to 32 lanes of NVMe media support, down to ×1 bifurcation
  • 16-lane or 8-lane host support


Note: More technical information can be found in the SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the Smart Storage product page.

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