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SIC118xKQ – Automotive Qualified SiC MOSFET Driver IC With Active Clamping and <2uS ShortCircuit Turn-Off Time

SIC118xKQ SCALE - iDriver
SIC118xKQ SCALE - iDriver

Power integrations have announced that its SIC118xKQ SCALE-I Driver a high-efficiency, single-channel gate driver for silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs is now certified to AEC-Q100 for automotive use. The SIC1182KQ (1200V) and SIC1181KQ (750V) SCALE-iDriver devices can be configured to support gate-drive voltage requirements of commonly used SiC MOSFETs and feature sophisticated safety and protection features. These devices can be used for driving SiC MOSFETs in automotive applications, exhibiting rail-to-rail output, fast gate switching speed, unipolar supply voltage supporting positive and negative output voltages, integrated power and voltage management, and reinforced isolation.


Features of SIC118xKQ SCALE-iDriver

  • ±8 A peak gate output current
  • Integrated FluxLink™ technology provides reinforced isolation
  • SiC MOSFET optimized Advanced Active Clamping
  • Standard gate emitter voltage from+15V
  • Negative voltages in the range from-3V to -15V
  • Ultrafast short-circuit detection
  • UVLO primary and secondary side
  • Rail-to-rail stabilized output voltage
  • Unipolar supply voltage for secondary-side
  • Up to 150 kHz switching frequency
  • Propagation delay jitter ±5 ns
  • -40 °C to +125 °C operating ambient temperature
  • High common-mode transient and magnetic immunity
  • eSOP package with 9.5 mm creepage and clearance, CTI 600


Note: More Technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and in SIC1182KQ (1200V) and SIC1181KQ (750V) product pages.


The critical safety features of the SIC118xKQ SCALE-iDriver include Drain to Source Voltage (VDS) monitoring, SENSE readout, primary and secondary Undervoltage Lock-out (UVLO), current-limited gate drive, and Advanced Active Clamping (AAC) which facilitates safe operation and soft turn-off -under fault conditions. The combination of AAC with VDS  monitoring ensures safe turn-off in less than 2 µs during short-circuit conditions. The Gate drive control and AAC features allow gate resistance to be minimized this eventually reduces switching losses and maximizes inverter efficiency.

Component Datasheet

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