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RL78 - IoT Endpoint Equipment Prototype Development Board

RL78  - IoT Endpoint Equipment Prototype Development Board
RL78 - IoT Endpoint Equipment Prototype Development Board

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a new Fast Prototyping Board- RL78/G14 that enables rapid product development for IoT endpoint equipment.  The company also introduced the RL78/G1D BLE Module Expansion Board, which allows users to combine the new prototyping board with Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless communication functions with ease. This prototyping board is based on the RL78/G14 microcontroller, which makes it well suited for applications like motor control in portable equipment and IoT sensors. These new prototyping Boards are designed to be used in applications like IoT endpoint equipment, such as home appliances, industrial equipment, building automation, and health care equipment.


Features of RL78 Prototyping Board:

  • RL78/G14 Microcontroller
  • 512KB of flash memory
  • 48kb RAM
  • Current drain of 66uA/MHz in CPU operating mode
  • 240nA in Standby mode(STOP)
  • On-Board Emulator circuit (E2-Lite)
  • Supports various RL78 software and tools
  • Enables interface with Arduino and Pmod
  • Supports the connectivity of Semtech SX1261 or SX1261 LoRa transceiver for using wireless communication based on LoRa

Note: For more information read the RL78/G14 Guide, which can be downloaded by the link given at the end of the page.


The RL78/G14 MCU is optimal for battery-powered portable equipment and IoT sensor terminals, as well as a wide range of IoT endpoint equipment. Both modules are now available with the prices of us$20 per unit for the RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board and US$25 per unit for the RL78/G1D BLE Module Expansion Board.  For more details on the RL78/G14 Fst Prototyping Board, visit the product's official page.

Component Datasheet

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