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Reference Boards to Enable Efficient Control of Rotary Fridge Compressor Drives

Infineon Reference Boards
Infineon Reference Boards

Infineon Technologies has released two new reference boards, REF_Fridge_D11T_MOS and REF_Fridge_C101T_IM231 to enable efficient control of rotary fridge compressor drives. Designed specifically for rotary refrigerator compressors supporting Infineon’s motto “From product thinking to system understanding”, both the boards are turnkey solutions for low power compressors that can be easily copied by customers to build final mass-production application boards. The design of both the reference boards is system tested, enabling developers to drastically reduce their own system development time.


The REF_Fridge_D11T_MOS is a ready-to-use three-phase inverter, including the iMOTION Smart Driver IMD111T-6F040 and the 600 V CoolMOS PFD7 superjunction MOSFET IPN60R1K0PFD7S. It provides an easy-to-use power stage based on the iMOTION smart driver. This combines ready-to-use FOC motor control algorithms with a 600 V phase gate driver in the LQFP-40 package.


Besides, the board also includes the discrete CoolMOS superjunction MOSFET with the lowest Q rr, ESD protection, and a compact SOT-223 surface mounted device (SMD) package. The board can be easily interfaced through iMOTION Link and enables the best light-load efficiency as well as a compact design.


On the other hand, the REF_Fridge_C101T_IM231 reference design is ideal for customers aiming for a higher level of integration and a reduced footprint. The board combines a digital motor control IC (iMOTION) IMC101T-T038 with a three-phase CIPOS Micro intelligent power module based on a 6 A, 600 V IGBT. This combination provides a fully featured compact inverter solution for low-power motor drive applications. It also enables BOM count and PCB size reduction and improves reliability.


Features of REF_FRIDGE_D111T_MOS Reference Board

  • High integration solution featuring iMOTION Smart Driver IMD111T-6F040 and 600V CoolMOS PFD7 IPN60R1K0PFD7S
  • Ready-to-use motion controller with scripting engine and 6-channel silicon on insulator (SOI) driver
  • 600 V CoolMOS PFD7–optimized technology with lowest Qrr, ESD protection, and compact SOT-223 surface mounted device (SMD) package


Features of REF_FRIDGE_C101T_IM231 Reference Board

  • CIPOS Micro Pro IPM based on low VCE(sat) TRENCHSTOP IGBT6
  • Accurate overcurrent protection (±5%)
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Motor power rating up to 400 W at 10 kHz
  • Motion control engine as ready-to-use controller solution for sensorless and Hall-sensor motor drives
  • Field-oriented control (FOC) for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM/BLDC)
  • Current sensing via single shunt or leg shunt
  • Class B pre-certification (IEC60335) for MCE2.0 firmware


Note: More technical information can be found in the iMOTION IMD111T/IMD112T datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and in the  REF_FRIDGE_D111T_MOS Reference Board and REF_FRIDGE_C101T_IM231 Reference Board product page.

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