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R5617 Series: One-cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC with High-Accuracy Overcurrent Detection

 One-cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC
One-cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC

Ricoh Electronic Devices, Co., Ltd. has launched the R5617 battery protection IC series that can maximize the performance of the evolving Li-ion batteries and further increase safety. This new one-cell Li-ion/polymer battery protection IC provides overcharge, overdischarge, and charge/discharge overcurrent detections and has a set value of overcurrent sense pin voltage that is as low as 3 mV. Major applications of this device include smartphone, tablet PC, games, and hearing aid.


This device features charge/discharge overcurrent detection with high accuracy of ±0.75 mV and overcharge detection of ±10 mV. This series succeeds in minimizing power consumption of 2 µA even at normal mode that can make the battery operate without depleting the remaining battery to the utmost.


Key Features

  • Lower-resistance of sense resistor by overcurrent detector with lower-voltage and high-accuracy: Achieving heat reduction on board

  • Low consumption current and low standby current: achieving longer driving time with a battery of small capacity



  • Smart Phone, Tablet PC

  • Game, Hearing Aid



This series is available in two types of packages: a back-mounting package DFN1814-6B and an ultra-small WLCSP package.

Component Datasheet

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