R1526 Series of High Noise Immunity Voltage Regulator with High Input Voltage for Preventing Malfunctions in Automotive and Industrial Applications

R1526 Series Voltage Regulator from Ricoh Electronics
R1526 Series Voltage Regulator from Ricoh Electronics
R1526 Series Voltage Regulator from Ricoh Electronics

Automobiles nowadays are equipped with more communication modules like V2X and millimeter-wave radars, and meeting the noise immunity specifications of electronic equipment and EMC testing standards has become important. To meet the market demands, Ricoh Electronics has come up with a new R1526 voltage regulator with 300 mA output current and 42 V maximum input voltage.


With a wide input voltage range from 3.5 V to 42 V and a maximum rating of 50 V, the R1526 series voltage regulator can be powered directly from an automotive battery or an industrial power supply. The voltage regulator has a high output voltage accuracy of ±0.6%. Despite the low supply current of 32 µA, this new voltage regulator achieves a fast transient response.


This new series of voltage regulators has excellent noise immunity to external electromagnetic interference and is best suited for use in environments where electromagnetic waves may cause malfunctions in various automotive and industrial applications. It can be used under a high-temperature environment and offers the maximum operating temperature of 105°C for consumer applications and 125°C for industrial and automotive applications.


The new regulator is apt to be used in automotive and industrial systems which require countermeasures against noise. It adopts the HSOP-8E package, which helps in preventing short between adjacent pins by allocating no-connection pins between pins that have different voltage nodes. The company offers various quality grade options for the new IC including automotive (Rank K and A), industrial, and consumer grades for different applications.


Features of R1526 Series Voltage Regulator

  • Excellent noise immunity
  • Prevention of output voltage fluctuations caused by high-frequency noise with a bandwidth between 10 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Compatibility of low supply current and fast response
  • Pin configuration considering short between adjacent pins
  • 300 mA output current
  • 42 V maximum input voltage
  • The maximum operating temperature of 105°C for consumer applications, and 125°C for industrial and automotive applications


Note: More technical information can be found in the R1526 datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the R1526 series high noise immunity voltage regulator product page.

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