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PSoC™ 4 HVPA-144K Microcontrollers Optimized for Advancements in Automotive Battery Management

 PSoC 4 HVPA-144K Microcontroller
PSoC 4 HVPA-144K Microcontroller

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a new microcontroller, the PSoC 4 High Voltage Precision Analog (HVPA)-144K, made especially for managing car batteries. This microcontroller combines advanced technology to accurately measure the charge and health of 12 V lead-acid batteries in vehicles. It has features like high-resolution ADCs and digital filters for precise measurement, with an accuracy of up to ±0.1 percent. The device includes programmable gain amplifiers for better accuracy and can run directly from the car battery. It also has a built-in transceiver for easy communication with other car systems. This microcontroller meets strict safety standards for car electronics.

The microcontroller uses an Arm Cortex-M0+ CPU that runs at speeds of up to 48 MHz. It has memory for storing programs and data and supports error correction. It also includes digital tools for timing and communication, which can be set up for different uses like connecting to sensors or other devices. Infineon makes sure the software running on the microcontroller is reliable and follows rules for car safety standards. They offer libraries to help with this. 


  • Arm Cortex-M0+ CPU up to 48 MHz
  • Up to 128 KB code flash, 8 KB data flash, and 8 KB SRAM with ECC
  • Four timers/counters/PWMs
  • Versatile serial communication block (I2C/SPI/UART)
  • Automotive Peripheral Driver Library (AutoPDL) and Safety Library (SafeTlib)


  • Automotive management
  • Battery monitoring
  • SoC/SoH measurement
  • LIN bus communication
  • EV battery management
  • High/low voltage monitoring
Component Datasheet

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