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Programmable USB Keyboard Controller IC in a QFN28 chip or DIL28 Module

KeyWarrior28 Programmable USB Keyboard Controller IC
KeyWarrior28 Programmable USB Keyboard Controller IC

Saelig has introduced the smallest controller of the KeyWarrier family, KeyWarrior28 in a QFN28 chip or DIL28 module. The 3.3V KeyWarrior28 can control up to 64 keys in an 8x8 matrix with the help of a USB cable and the keys connected to the module. Each key in the module can be individually programmed with either a single key code, a key code plus a modifier (shift, ctrl, alt, gui), a macro, a mouse function, a media/application control, or an FN key. One can switch to a second or third key layout using the two optional FN keys, These keys can be programmed to act as ‘locking’ or ‘sticky’ (locking, but only for the next key) for mode switching or single finger operation.


The 19 macros available in the device can be programmed on to any of the keys, each macro can contain a maximum of 31 key codes. There are three different macros, a static macro for simultaneously activated key codes, a typing macro for entering text, and a cell macro for entering alphanumeric keys. Pressing the key again will remove the previous character and replace it with the next character.


Features of KeyWarrior28

  • Up to 64 keys in 8 x 8 matrix Programmable via USB
  • Every key can be programmed with a modifier plus a normal key
  • Mouse functions with cursor control via keys 
  • 32 media and application control keys supported (Play, Pause…)
  • 2 FN levels for three key layouts
  • FN function can slave to a lock LED
  • Up to 19 macros with up to 31 keycodes each
  • 16 bytes of user data can be stored internally
  • Direct outputs for Caps, Num, Scroll LEDs
  • 3.3 V power supply required


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the KeyWarrior28 product page.


The KeyWarror28 can offer a key-operated mouse function, or media and application control like Play, Pause, Mute, Start Browser, etc. The KeyWarrior28 can easily work with existing system drivers without adding any special software, each unit has its unique serial number and a built-in counter to register the number of erase cycles.

Component Datasheet

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