PI3WVR648 - High Speed Five Lane MIPI Switch

PI3WVR648 - High Speed Five Lane MIPI Switch
PI3WVR648 - High Speed Five Lane MIPI Switch
PI3WVR648 - High Speed Five Lane MIPI Switch

Diode Incorporated has announced the PI3WVR648, a five Lane MIPI 2:1 switch that is capable of switching physical layers that comply with either C-PHY or D-PHY series interface that are used in image sensors and cameras in smart phones and displays in mobile applications. The smart phone and portable device manufacturers are upgrading  to high resolution and high speed camera modules, hence it became necessary to support high speed (HS) MIPI at the same time we can’t ignore the low-power (LP) MIPI in battery powered applications.


The PI3WVR648GEAEX is designed in a way to support both HS and LP HIMI. The 2:1 multiplexing allows the connected modules to switch rapidly between both the standard without incurring delays or signal distortion. The switch offers fast switching among its five lanes that are arranged as 10 channel single pole, double throw configuration. The typical use is to connect two MIPI complaints in a single module with C-PHY or D-PHY interface such as multi camera smart phones. With the support for four data lanes with one clock lane in D-PHY or three data lanes in C-PHY, the PI3WVR648GEAEX can sustain data rates of up to 4.5Gbps (D-PHY) and 3.5Gsps (C-PHY) with a total bandwidth of 6.0GHz, low crosstalk of -28dB at 2.25GHz, and off-isolation of -23dB at 2.25GHz.


Technical Specifications of PI3WVR648

  • Operating Voltage: 1.5V to 5V
  • 5-Lane, 2:1 Switch
  • Supports both D-PHY and C-PHY
  • Bandwidth: 6.0 GHz
  • Maximum propagation delay between switching: 0.25ns.
  • Supply voltage is between 1.5V and 5V.
  • Switch on resistance for HS and LP MIPI signals is 5 Ω.
  • ICCZ: 1μA Maximum.
  • ICC: 15μA Typical.

Note: More technical details can be found in the product brief file attached at the bottom of this page


The PI3WVR648GEAEX is available in a 36-pin WLCSP. The datasheet of the IC can be downloaded from the official product page by providing requirement details. Note that Diodes Incorporated has made it mandatory to use your company E-mail ID to get the datasheet of this IC mailed to your inbox.

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