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PAM8907 Piezoelectric Sounder Driver with Boost Converter for Security Devices and Wireless Trackers

PAM8907 Piezoelectric Sounder Driver
PAM8907 Piezoelectric Sounder Driver

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the PAM8907 piezoelectric sounder driver with a built-in synchronous boost converter, which extends SPL in battery-powered systems and outperforms other similar sounder drivers. This Device maximizes the SPL delivery from a ceramic/piezo sounder and is optimized for use in wireless trackers, industrial alarm systems, medical equipment, and domestic appliances. Moreover, the wide 1.8V to 5.5V input voltage range supported by the PAM8907 sounder driver enables it to address a broad variety of potential applications.


The PAM8907 Sounder Driver operates across a -40°C to +125°C ambient temperature range and features low current consumption, with less than 1μA in shutdown mode. It has built-in automatic shutdown and wake-up functions for longer operating lifetime requirements. The integrated boost converter and unique piezo sounder driver technology of this Device provide small inrush current, low EMI, and yet a highly efficient system performance. Moreover, its integrated boost converter requires only a 1.0µH external inductor which helps reduce the bill-of-materials costs and board space.



  • Supply Voltage Range from 1.8V to 5.5V

  • Intergraded Boost Converter VOUT = 11V or 15.6V

  • Drive Piezo Sounder with up to 31VPP

  • High-speed Driver Designed with Very Short Turn-On/Turn-Off

  • No Voltage Cross Output at Shutdown Mode

  • High Impendence Output at Shutdown Mode

  • Low Current Consumption, with Shutdown Current < 1μA

  • Automatic Shutdown and Wake-Up Control

  • Available in Space-Saving U-QFN2020-10 package



  • Bluetooth or Wireless Location Tracker

  • Air Humidifier or Ultrasonic Related Piezo Driver Application

  • Security Devices, Home Appliances

  • Haptic Feedback


Availability and Pricing

The PAM8907 piezoelectric sounder driver is available in a compact 10-pin U-QFN2020 package delivering a minimal footprint and has a unit cost of $0.43 in 3000 piece quantities.

Component Datasheet

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