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One-Cell Li-ion/ Polymer Battery Protection R5612 IC for Low Current Consumption and Over Current Detection

R5612 One-Cell Li-ion/ Polymer Battery Protection IC
R5612 One-Cell Li-ion/ Polymer Battery Protection IC

Ricoh Electronic Devices has introduced the R5612 Series of a one-cell Li-ion/ polymer battery protection IC for providing overcharge, over-discharge, and charge/discharge overcurrent detections. The new device can offer a supply current of 2.5- 4.8µA in normal mode and up to 0.2-0.4 µA in standby mode. The R5612 series comes with charge/discharge overcurrent detectors with high accuracy of ±1.0 mV.


Along with a low voltage and high accuracy, the R5612 series also offers lower resistance of sense resistor by overcurrent detector. This helps in providing onboard heat reduction. The device achieves a longer driving time with a battery of small capacity by consuming a low current and with a low standby current. The low current consumption makes the R5612 series ideal for smartphones, tablet PC, gaming consoles, and hearing aids.


Features of R5612 IC

  • Supply Current: Normal Mode: Typ. 2.5 µA / Max. 4.8 µA; Standby Mode: Max.0.2 µA/ Max.0.04 µA. 
  • Detector Selectable Range and Accuracy
  • 0V Battery Charging selectable: Permission / Inhibition 
  • 0V charge inhibition voltage: 1.000 / 1.200
  • Overcharge / Overdischarge Release Voltage Type selectable: Auto Release / Latch 
  • Discharge Overcurrent Release Voltage Type selectable: Auto Release1(V-=VDD×0.8V) / Auto Release2 (V-=0.1V) 
  • Discharge Overcurrent Detection having two-level voltage detection (VDET31/VDET32) selectable: Enable / Disable


Note: More technical information can be found in the R5612 Series datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of the R5612 Series battery protection IC.

Component Datasheet

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