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Omron Electronic Components Expands G7EB Relay Portfolio for Enhanced Control and Instrumentation Applications

G7EB Relay
G7EB Relay

Omron Electronic Components has expanded its G7EB high-power relay portfolio with the new G7EB-1A-E, a 120A carry-type relay. This expansion caters to the needs of control and instrumentation applications, including PV inverters, electric vehicle charging, and uninterruptible power supplies. The G7EB-1A-E offers heat generation suppression, reducing contact resistance to enhance performance and reliability, making it suitable for demanding applications.

The G7EB-1A-E elevates the rated carry current from 100A to 120A and enables 30,000 operations with 40A make/break and 120A carry currents, showcasing durability and long-term usability. Scaling 400V three-phase UPS units from 60 to 80kVA requires a corresponding increase in relay capacity from 100A to 120A, ensuring efficient power management.

In the realm of electric vehicle charging, AC input applications play a pivotal role, and the G7EB-1A-E relays are suitable for such scenarios. Particularly, the 120A model is well-suited for Mode3 EV chargers operating with a single phase at 19.2kW for inverter switching. Moreover, these relays meet the 20kW DC charger requirements of DC-output EV chargers using Mode4 and V2H AC input inverter switching, underscoring their versatility and adaptability to modern charging technologies.



  • Capable of 480 VAC/100 A high-capacity switching
  • New high-capacity series capable of 120 A electrification
  • 60 VDC/100 A for normal/reverse direction switching
  • Ambient temperature 85°C
  • High impulse withstand voltage, 10 kV
  • Contact gap ≥3.6 mm (Applied to VDE0126)
  • Low initial contact resistance ≤5 mΩ



  • PV Inverters
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Data Centres
  • High-Power Control and Instrumentation



The G7EB-1A-E relays are now available.

Component Datasheet

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