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OceanMedallion Wearable Devices with WiRa Technology for Enhanced User Experience

OceanMedallion Wearable Devices with WiRa Technology
OceanMedallion Wearable Devices with WiRa Technology

Dialog Semiconductor has announced to deliver its WiRa-enabled solution to enhance Carnival Corporation’s OceanMedallion wearable devices for proximity-based locationing to help ensure passenger safety and offer enhanced cruise services. Carnival has selected Dialog’s DA14697 Bluetooth LE SoC, AT25FF series SPI NOR Flash and SLG46108V GreenPAK technology to enhance the Princess MedallionClass experience. Moreover, utilizing Dialog’s WiRa technology, the OceanMedallion enables higher accuracy ranging between Medallions compared to RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indication) based technology. 


Dialog’s WiRa technology offers fine-grain, phase-based ranging performance approaching UWB (ultra-wideband) accuracy. Besides, it uses significantly low power thereby extending battery life, and lowering solution cost, including advanced and proprietary algorithms to deliver enhanced performance. This is especially important on ships built from steel, where wireless signals are easily reflected, which can cause errors in distance estimation and require advanced, multipath cancellation techniques. 


The AT25FF offers an ultra-deep hibernation mode, consuming less than 7nA for extended battery life. The SLG46108V, GreenPAK technology maximizes the Bluetooth LE SoC’s sleep time, further increasing battery life, while also reducing the PCB area needed.

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