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Nuvoton Technology’s New MCU Series for Enhanced Motor and Power Control

KM1M4BF and KM1M7AF/KM1M7BF MCUs Series
KM1M4BF and KM1M7AF/KM1M7BF MCUs Series

Nuvoton Technology has launched its KM1M4BF and KM1M7AF/KM1M7BF series MCUs designed for motor and power control in various applications. These MCU series improve energy efficiency and sustainability, streamlined product development, and a reduction in product platform costs and supply chain complexity.

These MCU series are powered by an Arm Cortex-M4F CPU operating up to 120MHz, with integrated Flash and SRAM, it supports a wide operating voltage of 2.9-5.5V and a broad operating temperature range of -40°C to +110°C.

The MCU offers high-speed, highly accurate feedback control via high-speed ADC (2 Msps) and high-resolution PWM (208ps). For heat pumps and commercial-grade air conditioning, it supports control of up to 2 motors and provides advanced 3-phase interleaved PFC simultaneously.

Flexible IO options include 2 sets of differential variable gain amplifiers (VGA) and 4 sets of comparators for analog connectivity. Notable peripherals encompass 8 sets of motor & power control PWM, complementary PWM output, dead time insert, output shift, duty cut, period cut, and synchronous ADC trigger.



  • Integrated Flash and SRAM.
  • Wide operating voltage and temperature range.
  • Simultaneous two-motor and PFC control.
  • High-speed ADC (2 Msps).
  • Built-in differential variable gain amplifier & window comparator.
  • Safety functions: memory ECC, clock error detection, ADC failure diagnosis.
  • Compliance with IEC60730 certification.



  • White goods applications.
  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Electric bikes (e-bikes).
  • Equivalent EV motors.
  • High-voltage power supply for EV charging.
  • Energy storage systems.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Commercial-grade air conditioning.

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