Noise Suppressing Common Mode Choke Coil for in-vehicle SerDes PoC Interface Used in Self-Driving Cars

Noise Suppressing Common Mode Choke
Noise Suppressing Common Mode Choke
Noise Suppressing Common Mode Choke

Two new common mode chokes (DLW21SH391XQ2 and DLW21PH201XQ2) have been introduced by Murata for high-speed interfaces that use Serializer/Deserializer(Ser/Der) on Power Over Coax(PoC) for noise suppression. The new devices are designed by targeting self-driving cars and they can withstand higher current up to 300mA to 500mA compared to conventional differential interfaces.


The new DLW21 products can combine data and power transmission over a single coaxial line, this is a most helpful feature for the high-speed interfaces using Ser/Der based as they are often used in image data transmission interfaces that lead to the applications of using PoC. The device requires less number of cable for connection, even the system uses multiple detection sensors such as cameras, LIDAR, radar, etc.


As the sensors are ultra-compact, it might be difficult for the user to increase the patterns on PCB and it might lead to noise issues. By inserting these 2012 size (2.0 × 1.2 mm/0805 inch) DLW21 products between the data transmission line and the GND line users can expect noise suppression effects even in the compact package size.


Features of DLW21SH391XQ2 and DLW21PH201XQ2 Chokes

  • Small size: 2.0x1.2x1.2mm
  • Available for high-density mounting (Narrow pitch)
  • High rated current up to 300mA to 500mA
  • 20Vdc Rated Voltage
  • 50Vdc Withstand voltage
  • Operating Temperature range: -40 to 125


Note: More technical information can be found in the product pages of DLW21SH391XQ2 common mode choke and DLW21PH201XQ2 common mode choke.

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