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New Video Series “Supply Chain Transformed” from Digi-Key Follows the Journey of Components Across the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Transformed Video Series
Supply Chain Transformed Video Series

Digi-Key Electronics has released a new video series “Supply Chain Transformed,” that follows the journey of components across the supply chain as they are integrated and incorporated into next-generation asset monitoring and tracking systems. Sponsored by Analog Devices, Inc., and Molex, this three-part video series produced by Supplyframe highlights the stops a product makes throughout its route from design to production, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shipping, and more.


The first of three videos in the series, “Components at the Source,” is now live on Digi-Key’s website and the episode will focus on how inventory is tracked throughout a warehouse, as well as emerging technologies like indoor positioning, robots/cobots, and more. The second video, entitled “The Product Journey,” will be released in early November and this episode will follow a product through its journey from origin to destination and explore the technologies used to optimize routes, manage fleets of vehicles, and track assets.


The third video, “Next Generation Production,” will showcase the wide variety of monitoring solutions available to ensure the security, safety, and reliability of workers products, such as temperature monitoring, condition-based monitoring, the use of blockchain in supply chain management, and more. The episode will be available in December.


Talking about this video series, Robbie Paul, director of IoT business solutions at Digi-Key said “Sensors are essential to tracking products through the supply chain and are increasingly becoming smarter and better connected. Digi-Key is committed to enabling the development of next-generation monitoring solutions that transform the supply chain in order to help the world operate faster and more effectively.”

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