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New Versatile AEM10330 & AEM30330 Buck-Boost PMICs for Energy Harvesting Applications

AEM10330 & AEM30330 Buck-Boost PMICs
AEM10330 & AEM30330 Buck-Boost PMICs

E-Peas has added two new versatile Buck-Boost ICs, AEM10330 and AEM30330 to its portfolio of advanced power management ICs (PMICs) for energy harvesting applications. These two new PMICs have been designed with innovative buck-boost architecture and are capable of dealing with low battery voltages.


Both the devices come with a unique feature that is the cold-start threshold at which they can begin to draw energy from the surrounding environment. This has been lowered to just 275mV/3µW and can deliver up to 60mA to ensure rapid charging of storage elements. Moreover, the devices can leverage a fully configurable maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function for continuously monitoring and regulating the input with a fast refresh rate of 20ms supported.


The AEM10330 is specifically intended for solar deployments, and the AEM30330 is designed to be used in RF/vibration-oriented deployments like industrial, home automation, asset tracking, and aftermarket automotive monitoring systems, as well as retail applications. The notable features of the devices include a working temperature range that spans from -40°C to 125°C, compact 40-pin QFN packages and require just four components to accompany them ensuring ultra-low BOM and the solution that takes up very little board space.


Key Features of AEM10330 & AEM30330 PMICs

  • Built around a buck-boost architecture which enables them to cover a greater range of input voltage levels [from 100mV right through to 4.5V], meaning that low and high power sources can be addressed
  • Optimal energy transfer from the source to the storage element for all source/storage element voltages combinations
  • Works with all battery types, even the ones with low voltages, and uses all the energy stored in supercapacitors thanks to the lowest under discharge storage element threshold on the market, 0.2V.
  • Charges supercapacitors 3 times faster than any other PMIC available on the market thanks to a maximum current of 60mA
  • Lowest cold-start voltage and power on the market: from 275 mV input voltage and 3 μW input power
  • Input power from 3µW and 100mW
  • Output current of 60mA @1.2/1.8/2.5 or 3.3V
  • Programmable MPPT sensing period as fast as once every 20ms (fastest on the market)
  • Offers a unique and patented constant impedance MPPT feature
  • Easy to integrate in comparison to competitors, smallest BOM, and footprint
  • A working temperature range that spans from -40°C to 125°C
  • Supplied in compact 40-pin QFN packages and require only 4 passive components to accompany them


Note: More technical information can be found in the AEM30330 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the AEM10330 PMIC and AEM30330 PMIC product page.

Component Datasheet

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