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New Variants of RACM600-L AC/DC Power Supply Series designed for Industrial & Automation Applications

RACM600-L AC/DC Series
RACM600-L AC/DC Series

Recom has released two new variants of the cost-effective RACM600-L AC/DC series that are rated for extended peak power operation up to 800W and come with 12V and 48V outputs. These new parts are designed in the same 7.7" x 4" x 1U open frame/U-channel format. This format supports convection-cooled constructions, which means they can dissipate heat without the need for conductive cooling methods. These new devices are suitable for applications such as medical patient monitoring and industrial test and measurement, where versatile cooling and mounting options are also valuable.

These new parts have a continuous output rating of 430W when using convection cooling, and they can handle up to 600W continuous output when airflow is available. These new variants are safety-certified and feature a peak load of 800W. The RACM600-L series has an 80-275VAC input range and features a 5V/0.5A standby output. A range of control functions is included: remote ON/OFF, remote sensing, PSU-Good signal, and output adjustment +/-20%, via a potentiometer or through the built-in PMBusTM interface.



  • Up to 450 Watt convection cooled output

  • Up to 800 Watt dynamic load supply

  • 5VSB output (always on)

  • Remote sensing, CTRL ON/OFF, PMBusTM

  • Redundant operation, active current sharing

  • IEC60601 MOPP insulation system, BF ready



  • Industrial & automation

  • Building & home automation

  • Energy

  • Datacom & telecom

  • Infrastructure

  • Medical

Component Datasheet

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