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SF-0603SA-M and SF-1206SA-M Series Automotive Grade SMD Fuses for Rugged Overcurrent Protection with High Reliability

Bourns SinglFuse SF-0603SA-M and SF-1206SA-M Automotive Grade SMD Fuse Series
Bourns SinglFuse SF-0603SA-M and SF-1206SA-M Automotive Grade SMD Fuse Series

Bourns expanded the company's SinglFuse product line with two new automotive-grade SMD fuse model families, SF-0603SA-M and SF-1206SA-M for providing rugged overcurrent protection for a broad range of harsh environment applications that require long life and high reliability. These models are fully compliant with Bourns' internal AEC-Q200 equivalency test procedure for automotive testing and qualification. 


The SinglFuse SF-0603SA-M and SF-1206SA-M model series are available in small EIA 0603 and 1206 footprints, and has advanced multilayer ceramic design that enables enhanced voltage and current handling capabilities in ambient operating temperatures up to 150 °C. The new model families feature slow blow fusing speed, which is defined as a room temperature clearing time categorization of five seconds at 250 percent of the rated current. Moreover, these latest fuses are constructed using a ceramic multilayer technology that delivers enhanced reliability against thermal shock, salt spray and mechanical vibration in elevated operating temperatures within rated specifications.


The SF-0603SA-M series offers current ratings from 0.5 A to 8 A with voltage ratings from 24 Vdc to 65 Vdc, while the SF-1206SA-M model family provides current ratings from 0.5 A to 5 A with a 65 Vdc voltage rating. These fuses are UL 248-14 compliant, RoHS compliant and halogen free. For additional product information, please see:

Component Datasheet

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